Hot on the heels of a sell out run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe we’re currently looking for expressions of interest from venues and festivals in the UK and Europe for one off dates from October 2021 or as part of a winter/spring tour starting in 2022.

EdFringe round-up – some of our favourites…

The only really frustrating thing about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the fact that you never, ever manage to see every show you fancy, or spend enough time with all your crazy, cool international pals.

Every year, as August draws to an end, we're forced to resign ourselves to the fact that - despite our best, most relentless efforts - there's a whole catalogue of brilliant work we didn't manage to fit in.

But rather than crying over spilled milk, we thought we'd give some of the most awesome shows that we did get a chance to see this year a shout-out.