2017 was our first full year as a company, working across a range of exciting projects, including a run of Joe’s NYC Bar in New York City and St Andrews Fashion Festival. We also presented a total of 14 brilliant shows by some of the most amazing artists from around the world at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, including Courtney Act, Roddy Bottum, Michelle Shocked, Tomás Ford, Joe’s NYC Bar, Carla Lippis, and Hans.

Our Fringe programme alone generated almost £450K of estimated economic impact and more than £165K in ticket sales, via 272 performances delivered by 64 artists, resulting in 25 four- and five-star reviews and one Best Cabaret Performance award, Scottish Sun Fringe Gongs (Hans: Mein Camp).

Our 2017 Fringe programme also created 24 unique job opportunities, as well as invaluable work experience for 16 arts management interns from Drexel University.

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