New York comedian Molly Brenner had an orgasm at last, and now she’s telling everyone! But this solo show, at the Edinburgh Fringe for a full run this August, is more than just a sex comedy. It’s a story told with heart and humour, shining a light on issues around female sexual pleasure (or the lack thereof) that are often swept under the carpet.

About the show…

Molly Brenner Final 1 HQ (1)Written/performed by: Molly Brenner
Directed by: Joanna Simmons

The show chronicles the New York comedian and Edinburgh Fringe virgin’s long, harrowing (and strangely expensive) journey to her first orgasm, at the age of 28. It’s a road paved with sex toys, therapy, porn and a medical condition called vaginismus.

Molly says: “We all know what premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are, but vaginismus…not so much. I had no idea what it was myself, or that I had it, until my hunt for ‘the Big O’ eventually brought me to a medical professional. In fact, until I started college, I hadn’t even realised that everyone around me was masturbating, having sex and orgasming left, right and centre. So I set out on a journey to have an orgasm and ended up learning a lot more about myself than I expected to.”

“Writing I’m Coming was a way for me to process that whole experience, and for me it was really important to find the funny at every step of the way. I hope my story can help women feel more comfortable with their sexuality and have a good laugh.”

I’m Coming was an official selection of the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (in Austin, Texas) as well as the NY Fringe Festival last year, and Molly also took the show to the Orlando Fringe Festival in May 2019.

I’m Coming at the Edinburgh Fringe

Venue: Sweet Venues, Grassmarket 3 (Venue 18)
Dates: 2-25 August (not 14)
Time: 17:30 (50 minutes)
Tickets: £8

You can book your tickets now.

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“Enlightening” and “boldly personal”  –

“Hilarious” – Austin Chronicle