Produced by actresses Louise Oliver, Elaine Stirrat and Misha McCullagh, Persistent and Nasty is a podcast series and creative activism initiative for women and gender minorities in the stage and screen industries.

We are committed to an inter-sectional approach and aim to use the space we’ve created to amplify the unrepresented voices in theatre and film. Our goal is to create a project that is fun, safe and supportive, but is also an act of protest. Persistent and Nasty is about changing the cultural narrative through the stories we tell.

Staying creative and connected during quarantine

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The COVID-19 outbreak brings scary and uncertain times for the creative industry. We’re trying to do our bit with some digital projects to keep you creative and sane while in quarantine.

Coffee Mornings

Every Friday at 11am (UK time) on Zoom. An opportunity to check-in, chat, reflect and connect. Email us on to join.

Monologue Slam (deadline 10th April)

Send us a monologue as a video file and we will share it on our YouTube platform. We will prioritise submissions that meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Performer is a woman, LGBTQIA+ or BAME
  • Monologue is from a piece of work by a female, LGBTQIA+ or BAME writer
  • Maximum 2 minutes in length
  • The edit and sound quality is of a professional standard

Please include your name, Spotlight link (if you have one), social media links and the details of the piece your monologue is from. We won’t be able to stream every submission we receive, but we will do our best with what we get. If this first round goes well, we’ll aim to open this up for a second round.

Zoom Readings

This is an experiment in doing rehearsed readings in the digital space. The goal is to showcase new scripts by writers we have connected with throughout our Nasty journey, and support the actors and directors in our community in staying creative.

The readings will take place on Zoom; the format will involve a rehearsal with a director, approximately 2 hours. Then there is a day for the actors / director to sit with the material. After this, we jump back online for another read through, followed by notes, and then the final reading. This will be recorded and uploaded onto both our YouTube and podcast platforms.

Further information about deadlines, casting and the writer will go live here next week (w/c 6th April). In the meantime, if you are interested in being involved please drop as an email on with “Zoom Readings” in the subject line.

NastyCovid-19 Playlist 

Does exactly what is says on the tin. Some feel good tunes, curated with our social media followers, to shake it off or work from home to. Listen here.

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“The exchange provided by P&N is electric, reminiscent of the consciousness raising gatherings of the second wave but with a focus on intersectionality that has been sorely missing from so much of the mainstream feminist movement”

Fountain Review

“It’s about the bigger picture, the bigger conversation and how we move forward, not just in our industry but socially, and in our culture”

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Meet the women behind Persistent & Nasty

Louise Oliver 

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Louise is an actor, producer, writer, and arts consultant with over a decade of experience working in theatre and festivals, both in Scotland and internationally. She came up with the Persistent & Nasty concept, and initiated the event series.

Louise trained as an actor at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and also has a Masters Degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Glasgow. Theatre credits include Helena (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Thea Elvsted (Hedda Gabler), Angela (Abigail’s Party), Van’s Sister (Dog Sees God), Lindsay (Some Girl(s)), Janet Weiss (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Abigail Williams (The Crucible), Mhairi (Why Do You Always End Up Here), Grace (Girls Will Be Girls), and both of the Macbeths in Macbeth (in different productions, of course).  She is a self-trained jazz singer, has written four plays that were well received in Scotland, and dabbles in stand-up comedy. More recently, Louise has spent a few years (up until 2016) living in New York City, where she worked with NYC companies including The Wooster Group, Theatre Resources Unlimited, Gemini & Scorpio, and The Tank Theatre, before co-founding her own theatre company, The Blockheads Collective. Find out more at Follow Louise on Twitter @MsLouiseOliver

Elaine Stirrat

elaine stirrat head shot

Elaine trained at Langside College. After this, she worked with various theatre companies, performing in venues including The Citizens, The Tron, and The Royal Concert Hall. Elaine has also worked in Film and TV. Credits include Taggart, Crimes That Shook The World, and I Saw You, along with other work for the BBC. Elaine has been a core member of the ensemble for critically claimed theatre company Poorboy for five years. Her journey with Poorboy began by working on the Blast Hamlet, performed at the Tron Theatre. Over the last few years Elaine has been part of The Christmas Workshop, the second Blast Hamlet, Macbeth, Doctor Faustus, Measure for Measure, and Taming of The Shrew.  Since working with Poorboy, Elaine has also been the production manager for Pirates and Mermaids when it was at The Edinburgh Festival in 2013. Poorboy has allowed Elaine to further her own writing and has supported development days on her current play. She regularly delivers bespoke training and workshops for children and adults. Follow Elaine on Twitter @ElaineStirrat

Misha McCullagh