Stoel is a dance duet for children and adults created by Belgian dance artist Caroline Cornélis with her company Nyash. 

A bit more about Stoel

Using a set made of chairs and the rhythm of cello and voice, two dancers revisit these familiar objects. They organise, transform and move around the space. As it gets installed and shared in various ways, the chair becomes a playground, a place for fancy, an opportunity for meetings.

Be it stable or unstable, light or brutish, between building and undoing, dance appears.

Stoel won the Minister for Children and Media award during the Rencontres Théâtre Jeune Public de Huy in 2015, and Critics’ Prize for Best Young Audience Play 2015-2016.


About Nyash

Founded in 2006 by Caroline Cornélis, the company’s goal is to bring contemporary dance to young audiences, through an invested, engaged and poetical body language. Starting from what is real, familiar and tangible, the audience is invited to travel through and into a universe of sensations.

While Caroline Cornélis’s pieces stem from the specificities of working with young audiences, she also wishes to consider and take into account the adults who accompany them. Whether parents or teachers, it is essential that the adults also feel invested, touched, affected by what they see.

Nyash have just finished the creation of their sixth performance, and has been feeding on strong, long term artistic collaborations with a lighting designer, a musician/ composer, a plastic artist, and choreographic accomplices.

They also worked with a philosopher for children, who helped with the exploration of this dialogue between the language of the body and the mind.


Stoel at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

In August 2018, Nyash brought Stoel (Chair) to Zoo Venues as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for 12 performances.

Stoel (Chair) was presented in Edinburgh as part of the Wallonie-Brussels Dance Showcase and supported in the UK by Civil Disobedience.