Peter Michael Marino is an award-winning solo show teacher, director, producer and performer. He’s the creator of SOLOCOM, which has launched over 500 world-premiere, international solo comedies at The People’s Improv Theater. Pete’s also a great pal of ours and one of our all-time favourite New Yorkers.

Show UpShow Up

Pete has been writing one-man shows for a very long time. He wanted to see what would happen if he showed up at a theatre and created a solo show on the spot. The result is Show Up; a semi-improvised, socially anxious comedy that’s based on the audience’s life experiences, featuring an arsenal of Post-it® Notes. Oh, and there’s a party.

**Best Solo Show, Pittsburgh Fringe 2018**


Show Up KidsShow Up, Kids!

What do you do when the main attraction at a show for kids goes AWOL? Why, make a performance up on the spot, of course! In Show Up, Kids!, Pete gets his junior audience members (and sometimes their adults) to write, direct and design a comedy improv in a fresh, fun and interactive twist on traditional children’s entertainment. What could possibly go wrong?!


Show Up in Edinburgh

Pete performed a full run of Show Up and premiered Show Up, Kids! at the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2018.

Pete Show UpA bit more about Pete

Pete first ventured to the Edinburgh Fringe many moons ago with his long-running solo comedy Desperately Seeking the Exit. It chronicled the unmaking of his West End musical flop Desperately Seeking Susan, receiving 5-star reviews both in Edinburgh and at the Adelaide Fringe, as well as a London transfer.

His 2015 solo chat show spoof, Late with Lance! played NYC, London, Buffalo, Orlando, Hollywood and the Edinburgh Fringe. Show Up has played since 2017 in NYC, Edinburgh, Orlando, Boston, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Cincinnati.

Pete’s production company PM2 Entertainment co-produced the NYC debut of Joe’s NYC Bar with Civil Disobedience; two encore performances of David Mills: Shame! at Pangea, NYC; LA comedy duo Moby Alpha at The PIT; and the acclaimed solo show hit David Carl’s Celebrity One-Man Hamlet in NYC, Edinburgh, and Chicago. He also produced the Edinburgh debut of Jason Kravits’ acclaimed Off the Top at The Boards, Edinburgh Playhouse.

Pete is a former cast member of STOMP, and an adjunct professor in sketch comedy at Pace University.

Show Up, Kids! illustration: Eric Sailer