Atomic 3001 is a futuristic ritual, routed in tribal dance. It’s the result of the collaboration between Belgian choreographer Leslie Mannès, composer Thomas Turine aka Sitoid, and lighting designer Vincent Lemaître.

More about Atomic 3001

Atomic 3001090316Balsamine039Throughout the 40-minute performance, Mannès submits to a perpetual and incoercible pulse, constraining her in a kind of physical alienation, set to a thumping analogue techno soundtrack. Atomic 3001 explores our primitive survival drive.

Having collaborated previously, the works of Mannès, Sitoid and Lemaîtregather gather to create a form which generates a powerful sensory experience.

A monochrome red figure in the center of the space. All projectors are directed towards this figure. The light reveals her, draws her, burns her. The sound fills her body and the space. It sets her in motion repetitively and martially. This sound implacably brings her to exhaustion, trance and incandescence.

Atomic 3001 at the Edinburgh Fringe

In August 2018, Belgian choreographer and performer Leslie Mannès brought Atomic 3001 to Dance Base as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for 6 performances.

ATOMIC 3001 was presented in Edinburgh as part of the Wallonie-Brussels Dance Showcase, supported by Civil Disobedience.