We’re happy to discuss any and all projects, be it a few days worth of consulting and general management support, or a big producing project spanning several months/years.

Below we’ve outlined the main steps that we would typically go through to get a collaboration up and running.

1: Introduction

Get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself, plus what you need help with. This can be done via email, a call or Skype, and it’s also an opportunity for you to find out more about us and ask questions.

We are happy to supply you with a service overview doc, outlining what we do/don’t do in general.

2: Initial scoping/project set-up

Sometimes people approach us with a very clearly defined project and it’s just a case of moving straight to point 3 below.

Other times, people aren’t entirely sure of the nature and scope of the support they need. They just know they want help and they look to us to assess a project and come up with a proposed plan.


If it’s the latter, we will typically suggest that you engage us for a scoping/groundwork exercise, before we all commit to working with each other longer-term.

Depending on the project, this might involve an initial one-hour Skype consultation (£100), a few days of research, strategic development and set-up (£200/day), or both.

In fact, sometimes that’s all a client needs. For example, some artists and theatre companies visiting the Edinburgh Festival Fringe can handle much of the ongoing producing and general project management themselves, but want access to our niche festival expertise and industry contacts in order to understand the Fringe landscape and secure the best possible venue.

If that’s you, have a look at our Venue engagement service.

3: Full project delivery

If (after an initial discussion and/or scoping/set-up engagement) we decide jointly that we’d like to continue working together, we will discuss and agree on the key areas where you need our support as well as our fee/payment terms.


We will pull together a contract detailing the services we have agreed to deliver for you; the terms of our partnership, and the agreed fee.

Payment plan

Unless you’re happy to pay the full agreed fee up-front, we will also pull together a payment schedule for you, including set dates when fee instalments are due.

We would usually expect to get paid during the course of the project, not after. For Fringe projects, payment in full is normally due prior to the festival starting.

If you have already paid us for an initial project scoping/set-up engagement, that amount will be deducted from the full project delivery fee.

Ready to chat?

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