In August 2018, we presented our second full Edinburgh Fringe season, full of hilarious and triggering performances, provocative debate and world-class artists.

Have a look below for a top level overview of our 2018 Fringe projects, or download the 2018 Civil Disobedience Edinburgh Fringe programme (PDF, 10MB).

Atomic 3001
Atomic 3001 is a futuristic ritual, routed in tribal dance. It’s the result of the collaboration between Belgian choreographer Leslie Mannès, composer Thomas Turine aka Sitoid, and lighting designer Vincent Lemaître.

Autóctonos II
A quintet between a pianist-composer and four dancers, Autóctonos II explores indigenous communities, the place of the group, and of belonging in this society of endurance, indifference and productivity through dance.

The Focus Company and the Chaliwaté Company work meticulously to create a singular visual, metaphoric and poetic language, which grows from daily life, the personal and intimate experience, the “infra-ordinary”, aiming to touch the universal and question that which no longer seems to concern us.

Bugle Boy: A Salute to The Andrews Sisters
Part drag show, part retro extravaganza, Bugle Boys sees three sassy queens bitch, squabble, and sing some of The Andrews Sisters’ most beloved songs, delivering a hilarious and ludicrously fictitious tale of their life and career.

Courtney Act’s Provocation: Dragging You into the Mainstream
As part of our Edinburgh Fringe public debate series, we explored how the rising prominence of the underground drag scene is informing cultural discussions surrounding gender, race, sexual orientation and more. This 90-minute session kicked off with a provocation delivered by Australian drag performer Courtney Act (RuPaul’s Drag Race, Celebrity Big Brother), followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Dandy Darkly’s All Aboard
Dandy Darkly is New York City’s cult, queer and horror storytelling sensation. A Southern Gothic sissy, satirist, author and internationally acclaimed alt-cabaret performance artist, he premiered brand new show Dandy Darkly’s All Aboard! at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe.

Hans: Like a German
International superstar Hans, the boy wonder of Berlin, serves up an all-singing, all-tap dancing, accordion-pumping, glittering blitzkrieg of cabaret, backed by his three-piece band The Ungrateful Bastards. With more sparkle than a Studio 54 mirrorball and more feathers than a battery hen farm, hilarious Hans will have you slapping your thighs so hard, you’ll think it’s Oktoberfest.

Jet of Blood
Part musical, part protest piece, Jet of Blood is an autobiographical hybrid of docudrama, ballet, opera and performance art by queer writer, director, and performance artist Mari Moriarty, exploring a highly personal trauma with brutal honesty.

Persistent & Nasty
Persistent & Nasty is an ongoing script-reading, debate and art as activism initiative for the female-identified voice in stage and screen. As part of our Edinburgh Fringe public debate series, we hosted a Persistent & Nasty panel discussion at Fringe Central. 

Pussy Riot: Disobey! Art as Activism  
Does art have the power to generate social and political change? It’s a question that has been discussed endlessly over the centuries, but seems especially timely in the past few years. Working in collaboration with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, we staged this events as part of the Fringe Central programme, with a provocation delivered by Pussy Riot.

Show Up / Show Up, Kids!
Peter Michael Marino’s Show Up is a semi-improvised, socially anxious comedy that’s based on the audience’s life experiences. In brand new Show Up, Kids! junior audience members take centre stage, as kids write, direct and design a comedy improv that offers a fresh, fun and interactive twist on traditional children’s entertainment. 

Stoel (Chair)
Stoel is an award-winning dance duet for children and adults created by Belgian dance artist Caroline Cornélis. Using a set made of chairs and the rhythm of cello and voice, two dancers revisit these familiar objects. 

Annie George writes and performs in this collaboration with visual artist Flore Gardner, to unwind twa contrasting stories about women who are silenced and who discover other means of expression, besides the voice, to convey their truths.

If you’re looking for help bringing your work to Fringe stages in Edinburgh or elsewhere, feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to hear from potential collaborators, and if we’re not the right match for you we may know someone who is.

Check out our live projects for more information of what we’re currently working on.

To discuss your Edinburgh Fringe needs, just give us a shout.

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