If everything you drew became real, where would your imagination take you? This is the question that Alex Curtis’ silent comedy solo show CHALK will be posing to audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe this August.

About the show…

Chalk posterCHALK is a clown play inspired by classic silent-film era comedians like Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, with a playful feel and a narrative designed to truly engage audience members’ imagination. Using a few simple props and a pocket full of chalk, Alex sweeps his audience into a hand-drawn world full of laughter and dance, where anything can happen.

Alex says: “As an artist, I am deeply passionate about storytelling — creating a structure that takes the hero through a journey with a beginning, middle and end — and I think that’s something that sets this show apart from a lot of other clown work. I feel like Chalk is more similar in style and tone to a Pixar film than it is to most other clown shows out there. It’s whimsical, silly and simple in the way that all clowns have to be, but it channels that into a cohesive narrative.”

CHALK was first developed with the Brown University/Trinity Repertory Company MFA Program, and premiered at Providence Fringe Festival in July 2014. It made its New York debut at the FRIGID Festival in 2016 and is currently in residence with monthly performances at the Kraine Theater in NYC. It has been described by audiences as “a must see,” “as moving as it is hilarious,”and “something to throw your arms around and hug.”

This is Alex Curtis’ first Edinburgh Fringe.

CHALK at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe

Venue: Greenside at Infirmary Street, Forest Theatre
Dates: 2-24 August (not 11,18)
Time: 13:55 (45mins)
Tickets: £11, £9.50, £6.50

You can book your tickets now.



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