The Focus Company and the Chaliwaté Company work meticulously to create a singular visual, metaphoric and poetic language, which grows from daily life, the personal and intimate experience, the “infra-ordinary”, aiming to touch the universal and question that which no longer seems to concern us.

A partnership with the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

In 2018, Civil Disobedience is partnered with the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to help deliver the international ambitions of four brilliant dance companies from Belgium.

The first, a collaboration between Cie Chaliwaté and Cie Focus is a brilliant hybrid of object, puppet and physical theatre set on the North Pole, and a perfect fit for our ambition to use art to address social issues.


A bit more about BACKUP

4 am. Under a snowstorm powerful enough to wrestle with a sequoia, a used-up van finds its way across the icecap. Three reporters land on the ice as if stepping on the moon for the first time. A bear stares straight at them. The team gets ready…

We are in a near future…

Humanity has been unable to operate an ecological transition when faced with a fast-moving and ever-accelerating climate imbalance. On the road, travelling the world, three reporters witness the blooming apocalypse. They film, with the little they have at hand, the last living species, slowly disappearing around them.

BACKUP at the Edinburgh Fringe

A 30-minute show, BACKUP was presented at Summerhall throughout August 2018 with support from Civil Disobedience.