The Duchess, aka. Ewan James Armstrong — one of our brilliant cast members in Jock Tamson’s Bairns — is in today, talking about the human under the wig, homophobia and what drag is all about.

Everybody say looooove! (But wandering fingers beware…)

Read her full opinion piece here.

The soul of drag culture and its heritage is all about protest, challenging norms and spreading love (well, love and sometimes crabs.) It was drag icon Marsha P. Johnson who kicked off the Stonewall Riots 50 years ago, and to me drag is an excellent way to fight back and deal with haters.

I think drag needs to have substance and intent to be truly great and sometimes that involves being subversive and provocative — perhaps even in the face of danger. It’s just much easier to be brave when you know the crowd has your back.


Photo: Lee Howell

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