We’ve teamed up with the Pittsburgh Theatre of Music team to bring a pioneering binaural love story to the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe.

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble (PNME) Theatre of Music to help bring their unique show The Gray Cat and the Flounder to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August.

We first met with PNME Directors Kevin Noe and Catherine Noe’Rourke at last year’s festival, and that conversation sparked an instant interest in their work. It didn’t take us long to fall hard for The Gray Cat…, a quirky and tender tale of ageing, loss and undying love. Using actors, musicians, puppets and pioneering binaural audio technology (with the audience in headphones), they deliver an immersive and intimate storytelling experience that wraps audience members in sound and music.

PNME has been around since 1976 and has a rich history of creating world-class musical presentations. The Gray Cat… is a very personal project for the PNME team. It’s based on the true love story of two of their most loyal supporters and is a classic example of the company’s evolution as an ensemble — merging theatre and music into an art that can only be described as the Theatre of Music.

“The Theatre of Music team is thrilled to work with our new partners at Civil Disobedience — a company moving the needle on what “producer” means. From the moment we met, we knew this would be no ordinary collaboration. These were people seeking out impactful art and connecting it with communities that they themselves help nurture. How rare indeed … and how needed.” – Kevin Noe

To us, PNME’s passion for this work is contagious; we found ourselves smitten with the company and the story itself from day one. The show paints a portrait of love and loss that’s both heartbreaking and uplifting, ultimately leaving you with the warm, fuzzy notion that true romance is beautifully ordinary.

We can’t wait to help Catherine, Kevin and their team bring The Gray Cat and the Flounder to Edinburgh, and we’re confident this project marks the start of a long and rewarding partnership.

Read more about The Gray Cat and the Flounder here.

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