In the age of the #MeToo movement, some might be wary of the title ‘One to Watch’.

Culture Awards finalistsNot us, though. We’re practically elbowing our way to the spotlight, as we announce today with great delight that we’re finalists in the ‘One to Watch’ category of the 2018 Sunday Herald Scottish Culture Awards!

Of course, in this particular instance it’s all about our achievements as a company rather than sticky fingers, and we’re SUPER-excited to be a contender for this honour.

The work that we do as producers is often forgotten. Awards and funding streams are typically for theatre companies, artists, performers and other creatives, not administrators, and our experiences over the last couple of years have taught us that while most want or need a producer, many don’t expect to pay for the service.

To us this nomination is a brilliant acknowledgement not just of our work, but of the value that arts managers can bring to the table in general.

Producers are an essential cog in the wonderful culture and festivals machine, and whether we win or not, being a finalist in these awards is a much appreciated nod to our hard work and passion.

The Sunday Herald Scottish Culture Awards take place in Glasgow on the 12th of July, so keep your fingers and toes crossed for us – and watch this space! 

Joe, Barry & Louise x


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