Odin & Freya 3
The tired, old greyhounds

This week, between working on a range of producing and PR contracts, prepping for our Jock Tamson’s Bairns gig in London in June, and walking Odin and Freya (our tired, old greyhounds), we also took the time to give our website a much needed facelift.

Ageing with dignity is all very well for human faces and super-cute, retired dogs, but the digital face of Civil Disobedience needs to look tight. We wanna gag, okrrrrrrrr?

We loved the old site, which has served us really well for the last couple of years, but the template was struggling to accommodate some recent content updates and the homepage especially was starting to look a little saggy.

So, we’ve changed things up quite a bit, both in terms of content structure and design style, pruning much of the copy, removing some sections/pages completely, adding lots of nice big images and structuring our projects more clearly.

New website edit

We’re really pleased with the end result. It’s probably a little bit more “conventional” than the old site design, but we think it looks fun and stylish, with nice, big banner-style photos on each page, allowing us to showcase our many exciting projects and past work visually and consistently across the whole site.

It’s not 100% there yet; it’s a work in progress, with many pages still in need of a nip and a tuck. But we’re happy enough with the overall look and feel at this point to soft-launch our new online home.

Have a look and feel free to let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback.

Joe & Barry xx

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