This summer Kill Alters/Shadow Box powerhouse Bonnie Baxter joins the cast of Sasquatch, The Opera.


Be the first to see her take on the role of Dodder, the story’s protagonist at The Muse, Brooklyn on 21 and 22 July – before hitting the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the whole of August.

Sasquatch, The Opera promises to flip the lid on a world where all is hopeless and everything’s an illusion. When the situation is dark and uncontrollable, do you bury yourself deeper – or look for a way out?

SASQUATCH: Mari Moriarty
FODDER: Joe Chappel
DODDER: Bonnie Baxter
BRODDER: Tristan Viner-Brown
SAMSON: Alex Frankel

Director: Ahmed Ibraham
Set Design: Michael Hili
Stage Manager: Candystore McCritter

Tickets are just $25 and are on sale now.


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