With so many of our acts this year being thoroughly embedded in the music scene, it seems only approporiate that we asked them to make us mixtapes for the office… and since we’re feeling generous, we thought we’d share them with you.

First off, Roddy share’s his eclectic tastes with us and introduces us to the best of the best.

Click through for a Spotify playlist…

Image by Jonathan Grassi 2017

Roddy’s Mixtape

Miss Broadway    – Belle Epoque

Convincing People   – Throbbing Gristle

Goodbye Horses   – Q Lazarus

Insane (Tambourine Mix) – ESG

Germ Free Adoloescents – X-Ray-Spex

Mind Your Own Business – Delta 5

Batches & Cookies   – Lizzo

I Need     – Trina

Eu Amo Voce   – Tim Maia

Sea Talk     – Zola Jesus

Temptation   – New Order

Baby I’m Burnin   – Dolly Parton

We first met Roddy Bottum when we hijacked John Cameron Mitchell’s Mattachine Party in New York to celebrate Joe’s 39th birthday.

It was love at first sight… for us. Roddy took a little more persuading.

Now we’re delighted to be working for and with him to bring Sasquatch, The Opera to the stage.

More information here:



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