We’re thrilled that #DanceLive16 starts this Friday in Aberdeenshire and kicks off with an incredible piece by the formidable force that is Jo Fong.

This piece has already enjoyed epic success as part of the British Council Showcase 2015 and British Dance Edition 2016.

Jo has is a truly distinctive practice. It is deceptively simple, yet from simple parameters she has managed to generate a potentially radical new interface between performers and audience, one based on empathy, similarity and the everyday rather than on “otherness”, competition or confrontation. – Richard Huw Morgan

An Invitation... takes playfulness very seriously.

It is about making a connection, meeting people, spontaneity, but also uncertainty.

It is alive, joyous and imaginative.

As a result it’s weirdly powerful and incredibly human.

The piece was developed through a research period called The Audience.

It’s about the people or audience in the room, about how we individually express ourselves, and how we connect or interact.

Jo Fong is something of a legend on the UK contemporary dance scene. She’s worked with everyone, from Rosas, to DV8 to Rambert, and has a reputation as a charismatic performer and a relentlessly inquiring choreographer.
(Luke Jennings, The Observer)

Tickets are on sale via dancelivefestival.com and at the Woodend Barn box office.

Jo has held Associate Artist positions with Coreo Cymru and Sherman Cymru. She received a Creative Wales Award 2015/16 and her work has been supported by Arts Council Wales, Arts Council England,Creative Scotland, British Council, Sherman Cymru, Chapter Arts Centre, Dance House and Coreo Cymru.

Barry is currently project managing DanceLive for Citymoves Dance Agency.  You can download the a PDF of the entire programme of events here:


Photo credit: John Collingswoth

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