There is no script to life.

No set dialogue or scenes.

Every day is improvisation.

Every day is a cliffhanger.

Each narrative is as singular as the people sitting around you.

As unique as our lives are, we have certain aspects to the story that we share.

We all dream.

We all struggle.

We all laugh, and cry.

We get angry.



We all experience joy and elation.



We all experience birth and death; our own, as well as all those other countless instances throughout the journey.

We suffer loss.

And we are filled with abundance.

Sharing our experiences with each other makes us human.

Storytelling gives us connection – gives us hope. 

That’s why Joe’s is here.

So you can share your stories, your point of view, your first-person narrative.

Or not.

You can just sit there and watch and not say a word.

That’s cool.

And if you feel compelled to say something, even if it’s not really your nature to share… say it.

We’ll listen.

There is no script to this show.

We build our characters. We figure out who we are and what makes us tick.

Then we develop relationships.


And from these elements, a story unfolds.

We have ideas, but we don’t know how things will play out.

Just. Like. Life.

We have no script.

Same. As. You.

So, come play with us and let’s see what story we can tell.

‘3D theatre that will pull you in’ (Orlando Sentinel). ‘If you want to understand the promise of interactive theatre, take in… Joe’s NYC Bar.’ (Orlando Weekly). ‘Artistically speaking, watching the actors is watching pros at the top of their game.’ (Orlando Sentinel). ‘Don’t just see the show, be the show’ (Orlando Weekly). Joe’s is an interactive, improvisational, immersive theatre experience in which the audience is transported to a bar in Brooklyn, New York City. Featuring live music and guest actors.

Buy tickets now for their Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut.

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