Civil Disobedience is an arts management and production service provider, offering bespoke paid-for support packages for artists and companies, from smaller, modular service delivery to large-scale producing partnerships.

Our work can include anything from budgeting, staffing, and company management, to finding the right venue/negotiating the best venue deal, arts industry engagement, on-the-ground production support, tour programming/management, PR and copywriting.   

Collectively, our team has worked within the arts (as both managers and creatives) for over two decades, with an additional 15 years spent in marketing, comms, and digital content. We have strong relationships with venues, festivals, and arts industry influencers in the UK and globally.

While no one can guarantee success, we believe we can give creatives the best possible strategic vantage point from which to achieve their goals.

Download: Civil Disobedience service overview


Culture Awards finalists

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