Another few days in the magic city of New York, plus several more sell-out performances, and we’re coming to the end of our first Joe’s NYC Bar run here.

Last night our good pals Louise Oliver and Chris Gorman played to a full house as our band for the eve, and nailed it. The bar was packed, the cast members were on top form, and the audience was vocal, feisty and engaged – just the way we like it.


The crowds are loving the show across the board, and we’re incredibly pleased with how it’s going. (We’re also very pleased to report that we’re surviving our stay in “the murder hotel“, despite the lingering smell of insanity and sweaty genitals.)

We’re down to our last couple of 3pm matinees, wrapping up tomorrow (Sunday 15th January), so if you haven’t been yet, now’s the time to get your ticket for this weekend. Oh, and we’ve got the astonishingly talented, Grammy nominated Michelle Shocked coming back to rock our world again this afternoon (Saturday 14th January) at 3pm …you don’t want to miss it, trust us.

Give us a nudge if you fancy coming along, or get your tickets at

That said, if you can’t make it today or tomorrow you may get another chance to see Joe’s NYC Bar here in the Big Apple in a not too distant future. We’ve had some very promising meets with top notch producers here, to discuss a potential New York residency for the show. Say WHAAAAT?! Yes, that’s right…we might be back soon again, which would be beyond thrilling.

Other bits and bobs…

While we’re on the topic of wetting our pants with excitement, our Sasquatch meeting with Roddy Bottum was freakin’ great! We’re all super pumped and ready to get cracking with the planning and delivery of its world premiere at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe. (Whoop!)

And later today we’re catching up with our friend (and now Joe’s NYC Bar veteran) Michelle Shocked, to talk about a script she’s been working on and figure out if we can help her delivery it to the right audience.

One (or two) for the road…


It’s always such a great pleasure to visit New York and catch up with all our friends here, and we’re feeling a tiny tad sad as this trip draws to an end. But on the other hand, it’s very nice to come home after a busy trip – and to sleep in a flat that doesn’t stink of microwaved Chinese food and corpses.

Also, we’re rearing to get our teeth properly into STAFF, the St Andrews Fashion Festival that we’re working on in February. We’ll write more on that soon, but we’ve already started mood boarding the runway show and secured the deliciously kick-ass Baby Carla to provide live music for the event. We can’t wait to get our Miranda Priestly on.


Time for us to start packing, but first we’ll take a couple of last shows (and drinks) for the road, and leave this stunning city on a high.

HUGE THANKS to everyone who has supported and gotten involved in this Joe’s NYC Bar run, including the fabulous Orlando and NYC cast; our director and pub landlord, Christian; our US coproducers, Carla and Pete; Coney Island Brewery for all the Dutch courage; Ryan’s Daugther for the perfect space and never ending patience; and last but not least, our amazing audience members! You guys killed it.

And remember folks; always obey the house rules.


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