It’s hard to believe it’s been just 6 months since we registered our name with Companies House, Barry packed his job in and we launched Civil Disobedience Productions.

We’re delighted to say that so far everything we’ve touched has turned to gold and our company is growing.

Indeed, Josef is now about to join the team full time in January allowing us to finally realise a dream we had over a decade ago when we first met.

Of course, we haven’t been able to do this alone.

Our success is largely due to the success of the many artists and organisations who have put their faith in us as producers since May.

Particular thanks must go to Alan Palmer Productions (Dick and Delores), The Representatives (Private Manning Goes to Washington), Roddy Bottum (Sasquatch the Opera) and Beckett Thomas Productions (Joe’s NYC Bar) – all had blind faith in our abilities to deliver high quality on the ground production services.

Sincerely – without them, we would not have been able to cement the foundations of our rapidly growing company.

We have a great year ahead with a plethora of excellent projects, not least undertaking the creative direction of St Andrews Fashion Festival’s live shows, premiering Roddy Bottum’s Sasquatch The Opera, managing a New York and West End run of Joe’s NYC Bar and supporting a host of excellent acts find their place in the international market.

For all of this, we are deeply thankful and wish our stateside partners a very happy thanksgiving.


Barry & Joe


Looking for great music to play at your Thanksgiving party?  Check out Baby Carla’s debut EP here. We’re in love.


Buy tickets for Private Manning Goes to Washington in NYC next week.


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