Tomás Ford is Australia’s King of Alt-Cabaret.

His mix of warm synth sounds, stylish video projections, suave cabaret crooning and DIY party-starting madness makes for the kind of night you and your friends will never forget.

It’s definitely cabaret… just not what your mum thinks cabaret is.

We are thrilled to be booking his European tours from 2017, so hit us up if you would like to book Tomás Ford live.

His shows range from the late night weirdness of Electric Cabaret, through guilty pleasure hyperdisco of Crap Music Rave Party. He brings new characters to each show, veering from the rugged assassin required for his thriller The Final Chase through to the punk rock idiocy of his club shows.

His performance style has come together over a decade of trying bad ideas against audiences in Australia’s roughest music pubs and warehouse parties. In 2013 he threw himself at the world of Fringe Festivals and found he stuck; a trail of sold-out shows, all manner of awards and reviews followed.

His shows are all kinds of weird, but he’s kind of a weird guy.

In 2016, he semi-accidentally became a bona fide viral sensation in Malaysia with a series of malay language videos and sold out national tours of Australia and New Zealand.

2017 sees him expand his touring in those markets and releasing his new album and web series, Tomás Ford’s Chase!

We love him, and know you will too.

To find out which of Tomás Ford’s show’s we are currently booking in Europe, drop us an email at