Michelle Shocked: Truth vs. Reality

We at Civil Disobedience are incredibly pleased not only to have Michelle Shocked involved with Joe's NYC Bar, but to be helping her bring her own show - Truth Vs. Reality - to this year's Edinburgh Fringe. It's a retrospective of her Grammy-nominated albums, wrapped up in an exploration of her controversial career.

Roddy Bottum’s Sasquatch, The Opera

Written and directed by Roddy, this modern, unearthly opera is about a small-town redneck family that runs ‘Bigfoot Tours’ for tourists, and the fallout when the daughter meets and runs away with the real Sasquatch. Part folklore, part love story, the opera follows the demise of the family and a taboo love affair that blossoms in its aftermath.

Tomás Ford: Australia’s king of alt-cabaret

We just love Tomás Ford. It's impossible not to, once you've been initiated to his mix of powerful synth sounds, flashing lights, video projections, outlandish vocals, and crazy party spirit. To us he embodies cabaret at its most wildest fun, and we're delighted to be producing his 2017 Edinburgh Fringe shows and European tour.