Young Night Thought

Scottish contemporary singer Kirsty Law brings audio-visual folklore show exploring the inner child concept to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff)

Wales Millennium Centre and BAFTA-nominated Carys Eleri shine a light on the signs of loneliness and the neuroscience behind love at the Edinburgh Fringe this August with musical comedy show Lovecraft.


Before Ella, Tina, Billie or Beyoncé, there was Josephine: the first African-American international superstar! This biographical musical about Josephine Baker combines cabaret, theatre and dance to tell the story of this trailblazing icon; one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th Century.


This Edinburgh Fringe, international production house 2theatre presents the results of a two-year research mission, giving a voice to the Donbass conflict in eastern Ukraine through a show that combines dance, object manipulation, acrobatics, live music and traditional theatre.

I’m coming

New York comedian Molly Brenner had an orgasm at last, and now she’s telling everyone! But this solo show, at the Edinburgh Fringe for a full run this August, is more than just a sex comedy. It’s a story told with heart and humour, shining a light on issues around female sexual pleasure (or the lack thereof) that are often swept under the carpet.

Girl Bully

Girl Bully celebrates feminist bitches everywhere and explodes the patriarchy this Edinburgh Fringe, confronting the mixed messaging imposed on young girls and women.

CHALK (a silent comedy.)

CHALK (a silent comedy.) is a clown play inspired by classic silent-film era comedians like Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, with a playful feel and a narrative designed to truly engage audience members' imagination, using a few simple props and a pocket full of chalk.


Annie George writes and performs in this collaboration with visual artist Flore Gardner, to unwind twa contrasting stories about women who are silenced and who discover other means of expression besides the voice to convey their truths.

Atomic 3001

Atomic 3001 is a futuristic ritual routed in tribal dance, by Belgian choreographer and performer Leslie Mannès. It's presented at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Wallomie-Brussels Dance Showcase, supported in the UK by Civil Disobedience.

Jet of Blood

Part musical, part protest piece, Mari Moriarty's Jet of Blood is an autobiographical hybrid of docudrama, ballet, opera and performance art that explores a highly personal trauma with brutal honesty. It will be in ZOO Venues for a full run at this year's Edinburgh Fringe.