Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff)

Wales Millennium Centre and BAFTA-nominated Carys Eleri shine a light on the signs of loneliness and the neuroscience behind love at the Edinburgh Fringe this August with musical comedy show Lovecraft.

I’m coming

New York comedian Molly Brenner had an orgasm at last, and now she’s telling everyone! But this solo show, at the Edinburgh Fringe for a full run this August, is more than just a sex comedy. It’s a story told with heart and humour, shining a light on issues around female sexual pleasure (or the lack thereof) that are often swept under the carpet.

Girl Bully

Girl Bully celebrates feminist bitches everywhere and explodes the patriarchy this Edinburgh Fringe, confronting the mixed messaging imposed on young girls and women.

CHALK (a silent comedy.)

CHALK (a silent comedy.) is a clown play inspired by classic silent-film era comedians like Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, with a playful feel and a narrative designed to truly engage audience members' imagination, using a few simple props and a pocket full of chalk.

Bugle Boys: Christmas Crackers

Ho, ho, hoes! Gird your loins, Edinburgh, and lock up your sons...or better yet, send them to Assembly Roxy and let the Bugle Boys turn them into men. That's right; Santa’s little drag slags are coming to town this December with new show Bugle Boys: Christmas Crackers, and it’s going to be camp as...well, Christmas! It's the perfect raunchy alternative to a traditional office party, queer social, stag do or girls night out – and £5 tickets are now on sale for the opening performances.


Hans seduced men left, right and centre at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017, notching up two 5-star reviews as well as being named Best Cabaret Performance at the Scottish Sun Fringe Gongs. This summer, Hans returns to the UK with previews of his brand new show Like A German in London and a highly anticipated second run at the Edinburgh Fringe. He's so in demand these days he'll only be doing a half run, so make sure you get your tickets booked quickly to avoid disappointment! 

Show Up & Show Up, Kids!

Peter Michael Marino is an award-winning solo show teacher, director, producer and performer. His critically acclaimed improv comedy 'Show up' returns to Edinburgh this August, where he'll also be premiering his brand new children's improv 'Show Up, Kids!'

Mindy Raf: Keeping My Kidneys

Keeping My Kidneys weaves a fresh, tightly constructed narrative around modern love and relationships. It dismantles the conventional notion of the romantic comedy, covering subjects like identity, sex, anxiety, the loss of a parent, coming out, polyamory, and bi/pan visibility in queer culture.