Producing services



We create unique plans for artists and companies in need of a producer. Whether you’re taking your work to the largest arts festival in the world or planning a rural tour, we can help. We’ll tackle anything from company management and negotiating a great contract with your ideal venue, to marketing support and even the dull admin stuff you don’t have the time and patience for.

  • overview consultations
  • budgeting
  • staffing
  • tour management
  • venue booking
  • project development (creative & strategic)
  • marketing, content & comms
  • funding applications
  • pastoral care
  • networking

Arts administration

Yes, we love to produce acts and program tours. But we’re also very happy to get down to the nitty-gritty of your arts administration, and help you with the day-to-day running of your business. This can include any of the following (and more):

  • staffing
  • bookkeeping
  • budget management
  • fundraising
  • project development and evaluation
  • Board relations


We’re well into our festivals. And after years of working on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we have in-depth, first-hand experience of the global festival community, as well as an extensive book of cross-industry connections.

We’ve run many (many) partnership events with large and small international festivals, including at the Adelaide Fringe in Australia (the world’s second largest Fringe festival); the Orlando Fringe (the oldest and largest Fringe in the US); Under The Radar, Coil and APAP in New York; as well as the Dublin Fringe and the Prague Fringe.

We understand how different types of venues and box offices work, and what they want from an act – so we’re perfectly placed to help you find a home for your show.

Full-on support vs “producing lite” service

We can offer an all singing, all dancing producing service, tailored to your specific work and needs, including on-the-ground support during the festival itself.

For artists and companies on a tighter budget, we can help you get your Fringe run set up with a bespoke “producing lite” package.

Let’s have a kiki

The above lists are by no means exhaustive, so whatever your needs, let’s chat and see if we can take some pressure off you.

  • 20+ years of international festivals experience
  • a book of contacts that’s second to none
  • working with world-class companies, artists and venues
  • hosting and programming high profile panels and events

BIGC2015CPuddles Pity Party performs at #BIGC2015