Danny Condon: Songs from the Black Sheep

“Just a boy from Jamberoo with stars in his eyes, a song in his heart, and a dream to fulfil.” That’s how Australian singer, musician, cabaret man, and gay heartthrob Danny Condon describes himself. We describe him as musical sex on legs…strong, muscly, and often bare legs.

Danny Blk SheepOkay…so there’s a small chance we just lost five minutes to a daydream that involved gazing into space and drooling, and yes, we’re aware this is all starting to sound a bit pervy. But seriously, with those eyes and that butt, who cares if the man can sing?!

REVEAL: He can sing.

Really well, in fact. And play a multitude of instruments. He’s also got a story to tell that we believe you’ll enjoy hearing, and these are of course the real and only reasons we’re working with him.

We first got chatting to Danny about a year ago, when he was gigging with a mutual friend. He mentioned that he’d really like to try the Edinburgh Fringe and we felt strongly that it wasn’t fair for the Australian Fringe circuit to keep him all to itself. Fast forward to May 2017, and he’s got his venue and flights booked.

We can’t wait to see his cabaret show, Songs from the Black Sheep, live at The Boards (Edinburgh Playhouse) this August and we hope you’ll join us!

About the show…

There comes a time in every boy’s life when he has to choose between carving up the dance floor, or carving up cadavers. Amiright? Tickling the ivories, or tinkering with internal organs? Surely all families are like this. Singing your heart out, or preventing coronary artery disease in someone else’s?

From a hit season at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe, Danny Condon (Tim Minchin on Prozac) finds a grey area between art and science, and lifts the lid on some hilarious family dynamics. Featuring original music, a bit of Chopin, and yes, a show tune or two, Songs from the Black Sheep embraces the oddball in every family. Most of the keys may be white, but the black ones are way cooler.

The show is produced by Zoe Arthur in Australia and Civil Disobedience in Edinburgh.

Catch Danny at the Edinburgh Fringe 

Edinburgh, 2-26 August 2017, various times, The Boards, Edinburgh Playhouse

Danny’s first ever Edinburgh Fringe run is currently on sale, so you can get your tickets now.

In the meantime…here are those legs again. You’re welcome.

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