Back in the Closet

American Figure skating champion turned comedian, Roman Fraden, invites you to take a cosmic journey ‘Back In The Closet’; his uproarious personal odyssey through motel rooms with Tonya Harding, catastrophic Grindr hookups, and the upsetting story behind why Sting once called him “the pussy of a plant”.

Back in the Closet

Back in the ClosetAfter extensive touring throughout the United States as a stand-up comic in 2017, Roman has taken the creamiest layer of his new comedic material and encased it in a mind-altering theatrical one-man show ‘Back in the Closet’, which has its European premiere at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe.

He’s transformed thousands of hours of gruelling skate practice, plus a useless psych degree, into a master piss-take of modern life. Jam-packed with revealing stand-up, original live music, absurd satire, and outrageous physical comedy, Roman delivers a powerful evening of laughs and self-discovery.

From riffs on contemporary culture, the challenges of anonymous sexual escapades, and piercing analysis of the most common and universal topics, Roman’s show treads the fine line between celebrating his hedonistic lifestyle and dissecting its very essence with razor-sharp wit.

Catch Roman at the Edinburgh Fringe

Back in the Closet has its European premiere at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Dates: 1-27 August (not 15th)
Time: 23:30 (50 minutes)
Venue: Gilded Balloon, Teviot Balcony Theatre

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A bit more about Roman

Roman is a regular performer at classic Hollywood venues like The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and The Hollywood Improv. He has trained with Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theater in Los Angeles, has performed in various ensemble casts in film and on stage, and has been featured in The New York Times and USA Today.

His other interests include judging cats.