Autóctonos II

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A quintet between a pianist-composer and four dancers, Autóctonos II explores indigenous communities, the place of the group, and of belonging in this society of endurance, indifference and productivity through dance.


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Both abstract and mathematical, the piece bases its writing on the physical tenacity and commitment of its performers. A power that is highly sensitive, held together by an ever-finer thread.

This 50-minute performance choreographed by Belgian artist Ayelen Parolin supported by Leslie Mannès (Atomic 3001) features performances by Daniel Barkan, Jeanne Colin, Marc Iglesias & Eveline Van Bauwel and original music from Lea Petra.

Autóctonos II at the Edinburgh Fringe.

This summer, the Ayelen Parolin Company bring Autóctonos II to Zoo Venues as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for 8 performances. The show is being presented as part of the Wallonie-Brussels Dance Showcase, supported in the UK by Civil Disobedience.

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Allusion to the circle – supposed to bring together – and affirmation of stability, of order and standardisation: the starting points of the choreographic development. To thus enable the hairline fractures in the system to express their sweat, the human frailties of every person, and to feel the group’s instinctive herding force, its warrior-like strength. Potentially just as much a force of exclusion as a force of resistance.


Olivier Hespel